Unique Addiction Treatment Strictly For Men

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You may have heard of the phenomenal expression; women who love too much. Books have been written about them. Some of them are even quite famous. And yet, there are those too. Men who love too much. Now what woman, in her right, feminine mind would not mind being touched by such a man. Touched by an angel? Well, not quite. And as many and aggrieved woman would know, men are no angels. Even so, the old saying of; let boys be boys, simply cannot be excused, particularly in this age when sexual and gender abuse is just so rife. Women, and sometimes children, are the ones who tend to suffer in the end.

Sometimes the suffering is quite tragic. Women and children have lost their lives over this sort of abuse. But those who are fortunate enough to survive still find it very difficult to face another day. Survival of the fittest? Hardly. And how can it be fortunate? They are still suffering, hurting quite a lot. This too is how many women, particularly the younger and able-bodied women, if you can forgive the expression, end up on the streets. It’s not that they desperately need the money. It’s just that they have an often misunderstood yearning to be abused in some form or another. Voluntary or enforced residential addiction treatment for men louisville could help bring about an end to this ongoing cycle of abuse.

Not just to the women and children, but to the men themselves. Others would not understand. These men seem to have it within themselves to love the other like there is no tomorrow. But they cannot find it within them to love themselves. Isn’t that how the great song went? Learning to love yourself?